White Magic

Hybrid Musk 
L. Lens1989     LENmagi

‘White Magic' has the look of a wild rose but repeat-flowers well. Small, single, white flowers grow in large clusters and repeat-flower well. The leaves are bright and healthy. Orange-red hips appear in autumn. An easy-care, ecological rose.

  • Colour:  White 
  • Fragrance:  Medium
  • Repeat flowering: (June - October)
  • Height:  125  -  150 cm
  • Growth type:  Fan shaped
  • Flower:  SingleSmall3 cm
  • Hips
  • Option
    Bare Root
    Available from November to mid-April.
    Available from mid-November.
    From 1 piece(s): 8,90 €
    From 2 piece(s): 8,70 €
    From 10 piece(s): 8,30 €
    From 25 piece(s): 7,90 €
    From 100 piece(s): 7,50 €
    8,90 €
    Pot 4L

    Available from mid-May.
    From 1 piece(s): 16,50 €
    16,50 €

    Elegant shrub with slightly hanging branches which have side branches full of large clusters of striking, small, single, white flowers. The fresh, yellow stamens have a nice scent of multiflora. The leaves are bright green and healthy. ‘White Magic' has the look of a wild rose and does well in all areas, including sandy soil. Ideal as a solitary rose, in groups, in hedges, in perennial borders, as a climber against fences in obelisk or rose pyramid or as a cut rose. This rose can be planted in partial shade.

    • Bee friendly plant
    • Cut flower
    • Does well in pot
    • Preferred location:  Sun or partial shadow
    • Plant distance:  100cm
    • Frost resistance:  lower than -15°C
    • Suitable for:  pyramid  walls fences