ROZENDAGEN : Geleide wandeling 14u30 (nl)

Guided walk (Dutch)

June is the rose month par excellence!
We think it is the ideal moment to invite you for a guided walk through our blooming rose garden. 

What do hybrid tea roses have to do with tea? Are there roses without spines? Are there any you don't need to prune? Can I plant roses in my shade garden? Where do all these colors come from? How is a new rose created?
If these questions ring a bell then this tour is definitely for you!

If you have a specific question or problem, there is always time to go into it in more depth. The group also always consists of enthusiasts who like to exchange tips.

Participation: free 
Please contact us by telephone or email in case of cancellation.

Date & Time
June 6, 2020
2:30 PM 3:30 PM Europe/Brussels

Lens Roses

Redinnestraat 11
8460 Oudenburg
+32 59 26 78 30
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Lens Roses

+32 59 26 78 30

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